I have ordered my calendar from Amazon - how can I make a complaint?

That's no problem if you ordered through our partner shop "Lovella". 

Please use the returns portal of our partner shop "Lovella". You can also request a free replacement article from this shop. Please use your Amazon order number (with separator) and the postcode of your shipping address.


First, you must indicate, that you would like to "return an article". In the next step you mark calendar in question and select (if not pre-selected) the option "Return single items". 

Now select the appropriate door (1 - 24) and click on "continue to reason for return". Now enter the reason for return "defective" and select "replacement item" as the refund method. 

Finally press "continue to confirm". - That's it!

Please note: For some articles it is not necessary to return defect articles. We will automatically send you a replacement item.
If this is also the case with your item, you will receive a corresponding note at the end of the return registration. In this case we ask you to simply dispose of the defect item yourself.

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