I have ordered my calendar in a store or on another website. Can I also complain about individual items?

Sure! It is actually no problem at all if you did not buy the AMORELIE Advent Calendar directly from us. Also in this case, you can handle any complaints directly through us.

There is only one small exception: Did you order at Amazon? Then follow the instructions in this article: I have ordered my calendar from Amazon - how can I make a complaint?

You need the following information for a smooth processing:

- invoice number / receipt number
- Advent calendar ID (located on the bottom of the calendar e.g. No. 01-021343)
- receipt/invoice for uploading
- number of the door you want to complain about
- reason for return
- shipping address

Now use the following link: to the returns portal
(This returns portal is particularly for customers who did not buy our advent calendar directly on our website)

Select where the product was purchased in the first step. Now insert the invoice or receipt number. In addition, the calendar ID must be entered. Now upload the receipt in the appropriate place. Check the box and click on continue.

Next step is to select the corresponding door and mark it as well. Scroll to the end of the selection and click on continue. In the next window we ask for the reason for the return. Now it is almost done, because only your adress data is left needed. In the last step you have summarized all data again. Click on "Request replacement now". 

Please note: For some items it is not necessary to return defective items. We will automatically send you a replacement item.
If this is also the case with your item, you will receive a corresponding note at the end of the return registration. In this case we ask you to simply dispose of the defective item yourself.

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