Where can I find my order number?

You should be able to find it very easily, because there are several possibilities here. 

We know that during the ordering and payment process you will be shown different numbers. You can easily get confused.
Our order numbers usually start with a 19... and have 12 to 14 digits.

Where can I find my order number

1. in all e-mails from us concerning your order process. There you will usually find a grey field in the upper right corner, which contains your order number.

2. on the package itself. There you will find the information "reference number", this usually corresponds to our order number (but without "-1")

Don't any of these options fit? 
Don't worry - in this case our Customer Care Team can help you quickly. Please use our contact form and ask for your order number. Just one request, so that you will receive a quick answer. In your request, send all the details and/or addresses of your order so that you can be found quickly

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